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Serving Perry Hall since 2010, Just For You Massage specializes in relieving chronic pain and headache through relaxation and stress management. 

Tension and stress can affect the body in many ways. Headache pain from chronic neck tension and postural misalignment can often be alleviated through massage and stretching.  Chronic pain throughout the body can be offset by regular scheduled massage to reset the body's way of dealing with the "fight or flight" defense mechanism.
Massage is a great non-invasive alternative for pain relief through relaxation.
You don't have to live with chronic pain...
Massage could be the answer you have been looking for...

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It is our privilege to give you the opportunity to incorporate stress management into your wellness regimen with no membership fees or binding contracts!

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Saturday 10am-3pm

 Just For You Massage is conveniently located at 9604 Belair Rd.                        

Enter through the side entrance and proceed to the office on your right.            

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